Do You Practice Motorcycle Safety?

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Few experiences can offer the same sense of freedom and enjoyment as cruising Louisiana roads on your motorcycle. Unfortunately, the joy you get from riding is not without risk – motorcycle accidents are far too common, and often result in serious injuries and death.

While no amount of effort can guarantee that you will never be in a motorcycle crash, following some simple safety tips can help you limit your risks.

• Invest in proper riding gear: Louisiana law requires all motorcycle riders and passengers to wear a helmet. Be sure that your helmet fits properly and is mechanically sound. Consider investing in other protective riding gear, including padded jackets or pants, to limit the potential for a serious injury in the event of a crash.
• Follow the rules of the road: Motorcycle riders are held to the same rules and regulations as other drivers. Be sure that you have a valid riding license before taking to the road, and always obey posted speed limits and traffic control signs.
• Never drink and ride: Alcohol is a far too common factor in vehicle accidents. Even a single drink can impair your balance and decision making abilities – on a bike, that can quickly become fatal. Never drink and operate your motorcycle.
• Know your machine: Whether you have recently purchased a new motorcycle or are enjoying your faithful bike, be sure to understand the capabilities of your machine. Never underestimate the power of a motorcycle.
• Conduct routine maintenance: Before riding, carefully go over your bike and be sure that it is in good running order. Check the condition of your tires, brakes and all belts before riding to ensure that your bike is mechanically sound and ready for the road.
• Review your insurance: It is incredibly important to carry a motorcycle insurance policy to protect yourself and passengers from the costs of an accident or loss. Before riding, review your motorcycle insurance policy to make sure that it is current, and that you have made any necessary changes to your coverage. Your agent will be happy to conduct a no-cost review of your policy.

Have you learned any additional motorcycle safety tips that you’d like to share with fellow riders in the Minden, Homer and Haynseville area? Share your advice in the comments section below.

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