Practice Boater Safety to Enjoy the Water

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Water is abundant throughout the Minden, Homer and Haynesville area; the region’s beautiful lakes, streams and rivers offer enjoyment to countless boaters every year. Unfortunately, the number of boaters on the water at any given time, combined with the inherent danger of boating, can create the potential for accidents resulting in serious injuries or even death.

While it is impossible to eliminate all chance of an accident, it is possible to reduce the risks of a crash, or to minimize the pain and cost of a collision. Following simple safety tips can help to keep you, your loved ones and other boaters safe on Louisiana waterways.

Take Care When Operating a Watercraft
In the wrong hands, a boat or personal watercraft can be a dangerous weapon. Inexperienced operators, or those operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, can cause serious accidents.

If alcohol is involved in your day on the water, be sure to designate a sober operator. In addition to increasing the risks of an accident, operating while intoxicated is illegal, and may result in hefty fines and possible jail time.

If an inexperienced operator is handling the watercraft, be sure that a veteran operator is on hand to supervise. Children under the age of 16 should enroll in a boater’s safety class before operator a watercraft without guidance.

Be Prepared for Anything
Accidents can happen at any time, making it important to prepare for anything. To limit the danger of an accident, always:

• Be sure to have an adequate number of life preservers and floatation devices about the vessel
• Conduct regular maintenance checks of your watercraft – never operate a boat, jetski or waverunner with mechanical problems
• Be aware of, and adhere to, posted regulations and speed limits on the water
• Pay careful attention to other watercraft in your area
• Carry the appropriate boat insurance coverage to limit costs of an accident

Share Your Safety Advice
By following these simple boating safety tips, you can maximize your enjoyment on the water and minimize the chances of a loss.

Do you have any boater safety tips to share with neighbors in the Minden, Homer and Haynesville area? Post your advice in the comments section below.

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