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No two businesses are exactly alike. Contractors include a wide variety of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. That’s why a one-size-fits-all insurance policy may not be best for your company.

Contractors can include construction firms, carpenters, plumbers, cleaners, electricians, landscapers, painters, handymen, snow plowing operations, land surveyors, computer consultants and many more. A computer programming contractor has far different insurance needs than a roofing company. You need a policy or policies that are specific to your risks and needs.

Some of the common contractor insurance coverage options include property and general liability insurance. Most businesses, contractors to retailers, need these types of coverage.

However, your particular contracting business may not have a physical structure where you do business. You may conduct commercial activities out of your home or from the road in your vehicle. Property insurance may be unnecessary, although you may want to consider purchasing an additional rider to your homeowners or vehicle insurance policy to cover any equipment or other capital investments you have made.

General liability insurance is fundamental, however. This provides protection against lawsuits and other financial risks that result from things like accidents, oversights, or advice that results in poor outcomes and more. Depending on the size and revenues of your business, you could receive both property and liability coverage in a package called a Business Owners Policy, or BOP.

You may need other types of coverage. Commercial vehicle insurance is a common need among contractors. Perhaps you also require cyber liability insurance if you conduct any online transactions or store customer information in a digital database.

Sometimes you can save on your contractor’s insurance policies by bundling them with the same provider, while other times its better to shop around. Knowledgeable, independent agents at McInnis Insurance can help you decide what is best for your business. We will identify your unique risks and insurance needs, suggest coverage options, and assist you in finding a number of quotes from a variety of providers, ensuring the policies you choose will offer the best coverage at the most competitive rates. Contact a McInnis member agent near you to find out how to protect your contracting business with a custom insurance package designed for you.

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