Tips for a Safe Work Environment

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There are many ways to make sure you are providing a safe work environment for your employees, and the techniques you use likely depend upon the type of business you are in. But there are some basic tips that every business owner can use to help create a safe workplace and avoid costly workers’ compensation insurance claims.

  1. Create a safe working area. Workplaces should be well-planned with much thought going in to how machines are positioned, materials staged, and so on. Processes and procedures should be laid out meticulously and employees should be well-trained.
  2. Maintain a clean work area. Clean work areas are safer and more productive than those that are unclean and disorganized.
  3. Get employees involved in safety planning. Employees probably know more about unsafe processes or procedures than you do, because they are the ones doing the work every day. Get employee input before putting new safety precautions in place.
  4. Communicate clearly and often about safety. Instructions should be in writing and should be clear and concise. Instructions should include what to do and what not to do, and should be specific to every job type and task.
  5. Encourage openness from employees. If they encounter a safety concern during the workday, encourage them to bring it to your attention and offer suggestions for improvement. Always act on any concerns that employees bring to your attention, and communicate the resolution to the problem quickly.
  6. Spend time learning about each job in your workplace. Take time to document how different workers perform the same job and find places to improve safety. Check to see if employees are performing shortcuts that could compromise safety. Or, see if some employees have found ways to do a job better in a manner that improves safety.
  7. Keep all machines in good working order. Routine maintenance is the best way to keep machines running in a safe and efficient manner.
  8. Update safety guidelines at least once per year. Take what you learn each year and how things have changed and update your safety manuals and guidelines. Be sure every employee is informed of any new processes, procedures or required equipment.

You want to ensure that your employees are kept safe and happy on the job. In addition to keeping the workplace safe from accidents and injuries, continue to offer prevention and wellness programs. In addition, check the ergonomic conditions of every worker, make sure employees wear necessary protective equipment, and even consider creating and rehearsing a worksite disaster drill.

Last but not least, make sure your workers’ compensation insurance is up-to-date and is in compliance with all relevant state requirements. We can help you find workers’ compensation insurance as well as recommend and help you implement workplace safety programs that can help you minimize costly workers’ compensation claims. Contact us today to learn more about Louisiana workers’ compensation insurance.

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