Workers Compensation Quotes for Louisiana Businesses

If you are a Louisiana employer, you will need to provide workers compensation coverage for your employees. McInnis Insurance Agency can provide the information you need, including workers compensation quotes and legal requirements. Additionally, we can ensure that you get the right coverage in place, including the documentation needed to certify your compliance with Louisiana state law.

What are the Workers Compensation Requirements in Louisiana?

Most employers that have at least one employee, and operate within the state boundaries, must maintain a workers compensation policy. This includes every business from small mom-and-pop shops to churches to large corporations. Whether your employees work in a high risk environment, or an office where the worst possible injury so far has been a paper cut, you must provide this coverage.

There are some exclusions to the workers compensation requirement, such as employees of a household. Be sure to contact a McInnis Insurance agent to determine whether you are required to obtain a policy for your business.

Workers Comp Protects Workers and Employers

Your workers compensation policy will help your injured or sick employee if and when an on-the-job injury occurs, including medical benefits for the injury itself as well compensation for lost wages and disability. For example, if you are a roofing contractor and one of your employees is injured by falling from a roof, that employee would receive the medical payments, rehabilitation and wages needed to recover and return to work.

Workers compensation is also an excellent addition to your risk management strategy and business insurance portfolio. This policy protects you, the employer, from claims that can result in extensive fines and additional compensation to an injured employee. Providing workers compensation insurance to your staff ensures that the coverage is in place to pay the injured employee’s medical expenses. Furthermore, failing to provide workers compensation to your workers can result in both fines and imprisonment.

Can You Improve Your Experience Modifier?

An experience modifier is a metric used to determine your company’s accident and injury record, compared with your industry. This rating is based on reported accidents and injuries in your workplace for the three consecutive years prior to the previous year. This number will have a bearing on your workers comp policy and premium.

For example, a very low experience modifier can help you obtain discounts on your workers compensation premium. By contrast, a very high modifier would indicate a higher number of injuries and claims than the norm of your industry, which would result in a higher premium due to increased risk at your place of employment.

There are a number of measures you can take to put a risk management strategy in place and improve your experience modifier, such as the following:


  • Maintain high safety standards at your workplace.
  • Train managers and team leaders on workplace safety and include safety performance goals in their compensation plans.
  • Offer continuing education to your employees on workplace safety.
  • Encourage employees to take mental breaks and maintain healthy habits to prevent worker burn-out.
  • Maintain a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace.


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