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A healthy lifestyle can be rewarding in many ways; improved enjoyment of life, increased energy and reduced expenses can all result from simple changes to your diet, exercise regimen or habits. Healthy living can also result in reduced costs for medical care, life insurance and even health insurance.

Follow these Tips to Improve Your Health and Energy Levels

• Choose meals wisely: A healthy and balanced diet can be of great benefit. While it is often challenging to choose healthy foods over fast food or sugary snacks, making an effort to improve your intake of lean meats, vegetables and fruits can be worthwhile. A good diet can improve your energy, help you lose weight and even improve your mood over time.
• Exercise regularly: As little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can dramatically improve your health, and increase your energy levels. According to a recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, people who exercise regularly sleep better, enjoy improved moods and are at a reduced risk of certain health conditions, including high blood pressure. If you are interested in starting a new exercise program, be sure to check with your doctor to discuss your goals and any health concerns you may have.
• Drink in moderation: Heavy alcohol use can be detrimental to your health. In addition to the impact alcohol can have on your liver and other organs, excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to fatigue and poor diet choices. According to the Mayo Clinic, moderate alcohol consumption may reduce your risk of developing heart disease, suffering a heart attack or stroke and may even reduce your risk of diabetes.
• Reconsider unhealthy habits: Certain habits, including tobacco or drug use, may have a dramatic impact on your health. In addition to increasing your risk for cancer and other diseases, tobacco use may cause irritability and anxiety, and may lead to severe dependence issues or withdrawal symptoms. If you are a smoker or tobacco user, consider cutting back your intake or quitting altogether – the health benefits, combined with the financial savings may make the effort worthwhile. Of course, quitting is easier said than done, so be sure to explore all of your cessation support options and choose the one that works best for you.

Have you made any recent changes to your health or lifestyle and want to share your experiences with your neighbors in Minden, Homer and Haynesville? Post your comments in the section below.

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