Why Most Small Business Owners Have Never Thought About Cyber Liability Insurance

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Isn’t it amazing how most of us rely on the Internet, in one form or another, to function on a daily basis? It’s as if there’s something missing in our lives when we cannot conduct research online, check e-mails or engage with our social media network. If you have any type of small business it is likely that you are similarly reliant upon Internet coverage. You may store a database of e-mails and even some sensitive information related to your customers. You may rely on online payments in order to sell your products or services. Have you ever thought how vulnerable you may be, as you rely on your Internet functionality?

There are many different sides to business insurance, but I bet you haven’t thought about cyber liability insurance, in order to protect you against specific threats and outages. You may think that only large corporations are at risk of being hacked, but this is not true at all. What would happen if a hacker was able to get into your site and compromise sensitive information you may store related to your customers? What would happen if your website was “down” for a long period of time and could not sell any products or services?

At the very least you should be thinking about business interruption coverage as you may be safeguarding your only source of revenues. If the worst case scenario unfolds and your customer’s information is compromised you may incur quite a significant cost when notifying them of the situation. You may even have to hire a PR firm to help you deal with the fallout. Cyber liability insurance coverage can safeguard you here.

When you sit down and think, it can really make you worry. You might not know what to do in order to mitigate your risk. This is the time for you to check with your insurance agent as many insurance carriers are willing to help educate you in order to lower the risks. They may help you to have a look at social media policies and also determine whether your general systems are strong enough to discourage hackers from considering you as a “soft target.”

Don’t underestimate your responsibility or your liability when it comes to your online work. Admit it, have you thought about cyber liability insurance before?

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