Business Insurance for Louisiana and Surrounding States

The business insurance agents at McInnis Insurance Agency are dedicated to serving the needs of businesses and contractors in the Shreveport, Louisiana, area and the south. Business coverage is one of our primary offerings, and we insure organizations of every kind, from churches and schools to restaurants, contractors, boat dealers, manufacturers and more.

The liability insurance and other coverage you need for your place of business depends upon many factors, including whether your employees handle money, food, alcohol or hazardous materials, and whether they drive commercial vehicles. Our agents specializing in commercial insurance and group plans are well equipped to help you sort through the many options available to you. We will compare quotes from multiple companies and help you make a selection that makes the most sense for your workplace.

Business Insurance to Protect Your Commercial Investment

Our coverage options for schools, churches, contractors, and other organizations and businesses include the following:

  • Property insurance: Coverage for your business property, including the building itself and the contents – including equipment, office supplies and furniture. Property insurance helps to protect your business assets in the event that your business property is damaged or destroyed. For example, you would have coverage for remediation expenses if your property was damaged in a severe storm.
  • General liability: Coverage for work-related accidents and injuries during the course of doing business. General liability insurance is an important investment for every business, because it covers a broad range of possible claims you could face if a customer or other individual is harmed, whether from negligence or an accident.
  • Professional liability: Insurance that protects you against liability claims, including negligence, wrongful acts, discrimination and other employee practices issues. The specifics of the professional liability coverage needed depend upon the type of organization and the risks involved in running the business. For example, accountants have different liability concerns than health professionals.
  • Errors and omissions: Coverage for those in an advising capacity, such as designers, investment professionals and architects. Errors and omissions, or E&O, covers you for any mishaps that may occur (or the client believes have occurred) as a result of the services you provide. For example, if you are a business consultant and you find yourself in a law suit due to an injury that resulted from advice you gave, E&O insurance would cover your legal defense.
  • Premises liability: Coverage for accidents and injuries that occur on the premises of your commercial property. These can include slips, trips and falls due to slick floors, steep stairs or broken hand railings, accidents in your parking lot, or injuries from using dangerous or heavy equipment.
  • Umbrella liability: More extensive coverage than professional liability to cover you for a claim of catastrophic proportions. Umbrella insurance provides peace of mind to employers, school board members and investors that the business will not go under in the event of a very high-cost lawsuit.
  • Directors and officers insurance: Covers the directors and officers in your company for any misleading statements, omissions or negligence that result in lawsuits filed against the business. D&O insurance is flexible and can be tailored to your specific concerns and risks.
  • Commercial vehicle: Insurance that covers the business in the event that an employee is in an accident. Commercial vehicle coverage is very similar to personal car insurance, in that it can cover the driver, passengers, vehicle and property as well as any damage or harm done to other people and their property. Whether your employees use their own vehicles or company vehicles, there is an appropriate business auto policy to cover any auto or truck incidents that occur in the course of doing business.
  • Contractors insurance: Coverage for contractors in all fields of expertise. Contractors need special coverage, whether they are building homes or installing and upgrading plumbing, wiring, heating or air conditioning. Our contractors insurance can be customized to your business, and can include liability, surety bonds and more. We make it our responsibility to ensure that you get the required insurance coverage for your state and municipal area.
  • Inland marine: Coverage that protects your mobile property, such as tools and equipment that are transported to job sites. For example, inland marine insurance can be used to cover cargo, photography equipment for a wedding photographer, laptops and mobile devices, and equipment used by plumbers, technicians and others who take their equipment with them.
  • Workers comp: Insurance that compensates a worker for injuries or work-related illness incurred while on the job and provides coverage for lost income in the event that the employee is unable to continue performing his or her job. Employers in Louisiana are required to provide workers comp insurance to their employees.

Louisiana Group Health Plans and Coverage to Protect Your Workers

In addition to covering your business risks and protecting your commercial property and finances from loss, you may also choose to offer optional coverage such as group health and group life.

  • Group health: Group health plans offer affordable health insurance for employee groups. These programs are put in place by the employer or school board. The group (school, clinic or other organization) then offers the plan to employees as part of a compensation package. Sometimes a certain amount of group health coverage is offered, with the option for the employee to enhance coverage as needed.
  • Group life: Like group health, group life is typically part of a benefits package. The employee can choose to opt into life insurance coverage through an employer in order to prepare for the possibility of accidental or unexpected death.

The commercial insurance agents at McInnis Insurance Agency can help you learn everything you need to know about protecting your business, your investment and your employees so that you can make the most educated decision. We serve businesses of all sizes, not only in Louisiana, but also in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Simply contact us today for a free quote or consultation.