Don’t Make the Error of Omitting E&O Insurance

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In today’s litigious society, professionals of all stripes must diligently protect their business, their reputation and their personal finances from being drug through costly and time consuming court proceedings. According to the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, at least 1 in 7 professionals will experience an errors and omissions lawsuit during their career. Fortunately, there is an insurance product that can protect your business from these types of claims.

For doctors, dentists and other medical professionals, this type of protection is called malpractice insurance. In the realm of lawyers, accountants, architects and other consulting services, it may be called professional liability insurance. In any case, it is still errors and omissions insurance, designed to protect your business and personal finances from lawsuits stemming from a claim that your advice or services did not result in the desired outcome.

Although their professions may receive most of the attention when lawsuits happen, doctors and lawyers aren’t the only service providers who can benefit from E&O insurance. Web developers, advertising agents and even wedding planners should consider such policies as well. If any part of your business involves giving advice or providing data services, you could benefit from an errors or omissions policy. After all, you are human and mistakes can happen. Although those who have been professionally wronged deserve an avenue to receive compensation, your business does not deserve to be financially ruined because of one error.

As E&O insurance covers so many different types of businesses and professional services, no two policies are exactly alike. A commercial printer has vastly different risk exposures than a financial advisor. While both types of professionals should carry an E&O policy, the details matter and each policy should be designed specifically for the respective business’ unique needs.

When you talk to of our agents you can be sure the errors and omission policy you purchase will be best suited for your business. Our experienced agents can assist you in identifying your risk exposures as well as locating several different E&O policies from a variety of providers, ensuring you will receive the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Contact us to find out how you can protect you and your business.

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