Enhance Safety and Security through Fire Preparedness and Prevention

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Fire is a constant danger for homeowners and business owners alike, making it important to take steps to prevent a fire, or prepare a plan for the event of a fire. While the danger of fire may always be present, there are steps you can take to limit the danger of a fire, or the impact a fire has upon your home, business, family or employees.

Fire Preparedness is a Worthwhile Endeavor

Preparing for the event of a fire is an important step that you can take to protect your family or employees. A clear, concise and easily executed evacuation plan may mean the difference between life and death.

Your preparedness plan should include:

• Evacuation instructions: Each member of your family or staff should be well aware of several routes of evacuation in the event of a fire. Create your evacuation plan and practice it regularly to ensure that the plan is well known, effective and efficient.
• Designated meeting place: It is important to designate a meeting place where family members and employees can gather after evacuation. Practice taking a head count to ensure that all individuals are accounted for.
• Emergency contacts: Be sure that every member of your team or family knows the procedure for notifying emergency services in the event of a fire. Post emergency numbers in conspicuous places, and be sure that everyone knows the procedure for dialing 911.

Fire Prevention May be Easier than You Think

Fire prevention may sound like a difficult task, but reducing your chances of a fire may be easier than you think. To reduce the risks or impact of a fire:

• Purchase fire extinguishers: In the event of a fire, extinguishers could prove invaluable. Consider investing in a fire extinguisher or two for your home or business, and be sure that all family members and employees know their location, and how to use them.
• Invest in smoke detectors: Install smoke detectors throughout your home or business, and conduct regular checks to ensure that they function. Early detection of a fire could prevent a serious loss.
• Replace faulty wiring or appliances: Old wiring and faulty kitchen appliances are common causes of fires. Review your home or business for potential hot spots and take steps to address them as quickly as possible.
• Review your insurance coverage: Your home or business coverage probably provides protection against the costs of a fire, but it is important to review your fire insurance on a regular basis. The fire insurance coverage contained in home and business policies often provides compensation for repair and replacement costs of buildings and financial assistance while you are displaced or out of operation.

Do you have a fire preparedness plan? Conduct regular fire prevention reviews? Share your tips with your neighbors in Minden, Homer and Haynesville by posting in the comments section below.

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