Shreveport RV and Boat Insurance Quotes and Coverage

The outdoor wonderland near the Shreveport, LA, area makes this an excellent destination for boaters, outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. Whether you spend time on the lake on your ski boat or personal watercraft, cruise the highways and byways in your recreational vehicle, or head to the camp grounds with your camper, you have equipment and people you need to protect with insurance.

The agents at McInnis Insurance Agency can help with every aspect of property and liability coverage for your outdoor toys, including boat insurance, RV insurance, ATV and 4-wheeler coverage, and fishing boat insurance. You can get started gathering information using our free quote form. Or read on for answers to some of the most common questions about insurance for boats, RVs and other outdoor recreation toys.

Which Land and Water Vehicles Need to Be Insured?

Boat insurance is generally needed for anything with a motor, which rules out kayaks, dinghies and canoes. Small non-motorized watercraft are typically covered under a homeowners, renters or personal property insurance policy. However, you may want to add a special rider to your home insurance to be certain that your canoe or kayak is covered in the event that it is stolen or destroyed.

Any boat that contains a motor should be insured for personal liability, bodily injury and property damage, at a minimum. This includes speed boats, ski boats, fishing boats and yachts. The potential claims resulting from accidents involving these vehicles include a wide range of potential challenges and devastating events, including:


  • Drowning
  • Head injuries
  • Hypothermia
  • Head trauma
  • Burns


An agent at McInnis Insurance Agency can help you assess your coverage needs for all your recreational equipment, including boats, motorcycles and more. Be sure to ask us about bundled policies and multi-policy discounts for your home, auto and RV.

Important Facts About Jet Skis and PWC Insurance

There are a few rules, regulations and tips that owners of jet skis and other personal watercraft (PWCs) need to know. For example:


  • It is illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to operate a personal watercraft.
  • If you are under 21, you may not operate any watercraft with a motor of over 10 horsepower unless you have successfully completed a NASBLA-approved boating safety course.
  • To ride a PWC, you must wear a Coast Guard approved life vest.
  • Taking a boater safety course can potentially help to lower your PWC insurance.
  • Insurance is not required for jet skis, Sea Doos and other PWCs, but is highly advised.


Not everyone immediately sees the need for insurance for their Jet Ski or other PWC, because they don’t believe these powerful yet small machines can do much damage. However, it is important to have at least liability coverage and property insurance to ensure that if you do have an accident, you have the financial means to cover medical payments, legal costs and the cost of property damage.

It also just makes sense to ensure that you have the full replacement value of your expensive machine and boating equipment covered in case your PWC is damaged or destroyed by another watercraft.

Is RV Insurance the Same for All Recreational Vehicles?

The coverage you need for your recreational vehicle depends upon a number of factors, including the make of the vehicle, the value, and whether it is a contained vehicle like a camper van, or a trailer vehicle that you are pulling with a truck or SUV. Since there are many makes and models of RVs, it is important to work directly with a knowledgeable agent to make sure you obtain the appropriate coverage.

For example, a fifth wheel requires specialty equipment for securely attaching the trailer to the vehicle hauling it. These and other considerations affect what needs to be insured, and how much coverage you need.

Another important factor to consider is the aftermarket add-ons and enhancements you have added to your vehicle. Those who want luxury living while on the road often enhance their RVs with big screen TVs and other specialty electronics. Additional custom add-ons may include sky lights, roof racks and ramps. All of these items add value to your recreational vehicle investment.

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