Louisiana Home Insurance Quotes and Coverage

If you are building or buying a new house in Louisiana, or your home’s value has changed due to a home addition or remodel, it’s time to get a home insurance quote and get your valuable investment protected.

In addition to house insurance, you also need protection for your personal property and furnishings, whether you are buying a home or condo or renting an apartment. Renters have risks that they often do not consider. For example, if a negligent tenant above you lets their bathtub overflow, your personal belongings will not be covered by the rental unit’s property insurance.

A dedicated agent at McInnis Insurance Agency can help to assess your household needs and find the appropriate insurance coverage for your unique situation. We serve the Shreveport area, including Minden, Homer, Haynesville and Monroe, LA, as well as the entire state of Louisiana.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

This is one of the most common questions we hear from both home owners and renters. Homeowners insurance covers you against liability claims and loss due to damage or theft up to the defined limits of your policy. Home insurance does not cover flood damage; flood insurance is available under a separate policy.

The key difference between homeowners and renters insurance is that a renter does not need to insure the dwelling itself and other structures on the property. That coverage is the responsibility of the landlord. Otherwise, the coverage for renters, homeowners and mobile home owners, described below, is very similar. Condo or townhome owners should check with their association about what they are responsible for covering, and make sure they have the appropriate insurance in place.

Dwelling Coverage

For home buyers, this coverage is an essential part of their homeowners policy. Your McInnis Insurance agent will help identify the appropriate amount of coverage for you to ensure that you can repair or rebuild your home as well as any additional structures, such as a barn, shed or carport, in the event of an insured loss.

The benefit you receive in the event of a severe storm, fire or burglary will depend on the amount of loss, the limits you have set on your policy, and your deductible.

Homeowners or Renters Liability

Personal liability protection covers you in the event that someone files a lawsuit against you due to an accident or injury on your premises. Whether or not the lawsuit is justified, and whether or not you are found to be at fault, you will need legal resources. The liability portion of your policy is there for that reason.

Medical Payments Coverage

If someone is injured on your premises, but does not file a lawsuit, medical payments coverage will cover the medical costs associated with the injury. These include ambulance costs, hospitalization, dental and nursing care.

Talk with your McInnis Insurance agent about the appropriate amount of personal liability and medical payments coverage for you. The minimum coverage is often not enough to pay actual expenses in the event of a serious claim. We encourage our customers to get adequate liability insurance to ensure they are covered for an unforeseen catastrophe and the legal and medical expenses that can be involved.

How McInnis Insurance Can Help

We are available to answer all of your questions, provide home insurance quotes for your Louisiana home, condo, rental, or mobile home, and help you to obtain the coverage you need. We can also provide your family’s auto coverage, and can typically bundle multiple policies such as home, auto and boat or RV insurance.

Whether you have high value personal property, additional trucks or other vehicles to cover such as a motorcycle, a McInnis Insurance agent will help you get the best possible value and savings.

Contact us at one of our offices today in Minden, Homer or Haynesville.