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Guns Are Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance, But Be Aware of Limitations

Guns are covered under your homeowners insurance (like other personal property) for loss, theft or damage. A standard homeowners policy typically provides up to $2,500 in coverage for lost, damaged or stolen firearms. Most homeowners insurance policies will outline covered perils (causes of loss),

Do You Practice Motorcycle Safety?

Few experiences can offer the same sense of freedom and enjoyment as cruising Louisiana roads on your motorcycle. Unfortunately, the joy you get from riding is not without risk – motorcycle accidents are far too common, and often result in serious injuries and death. While no amount of effort

Practice Boater Safety to Enjoy the Water

Water is abundant throughout the Minden, Homer and Haynesville area; the region's beautiful lakes, streams and rivers offer enjoyment to countless boaters every year. Unfortunately, the number of boaters on the water at any given time, combined with the inherent danger of boating, can create the

5 Steps to Take to Properly Insure Your Valuable Personal Property

Do you have a special collection of items you treasure? Maybe it's heirloom jewelry passed down from generation to generation or a vast gun collection. Regardless of what you collect, we at McInnis Insurance Agency want to make sure you take the right steps to adequately insure your valuables:Create