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What is Covered if Your House Floods?

There are several ways your home can sustain water damage, including pipe bursts, washing machine and other appliance leaks, roof leaks, sewer backup, and weather related floods. Do you know which of these scenarios would be covered by homeowners insurance or by a separate flood insurance

Safe Driving Tips for Teens

For many parents, a new teen driver is both a blessing and a curse. Having more help running errands and driving to activities takes a great deal of pressure off of you, but the dangers of teen driving can simultaneously threaten to cause you more stress than you ever imagined. We can’t sugarcoat

Disability Insurance for the Small Business Owner

Small business owners have a unique need for disability income insurance. Imagine what could happen if you got sick, or if you were seriously injured and could not work—or run your business—for a long time. Could your business survive? Could your family? Disability income insurance provides

Why Are Surety Bonds For Notaries So Important?

In our society notaries perform a very important function. They are officially regulated to act as observers of record and are seen as a critical component when it comes to many important decisions and agreements. Many individuals come across the need to use a notary at some stage during their life